“This experience was exactly what I needed."

"For days prior to heading to the ranch, I was in a darker place. I was dealing with some heavy news and feeling a bit lost, hopeless, and in despair. When I first arrived, Renee immediately greeted me and I felt very welcome. She explained everything to me and I was fascinated by what was about to transpire. "


“I've always felt drawn to horses, so I was very ready to make a connection. In short, there were two horses I was very drawn to and what happened next will stay with me for a lifetime. The healing that took place changed me and how I felt from when I arrived to the person that drove away was completely different. I felt confident, whole, hopeful and happier.”


"You may question this until you open your mind and heart and give it a try. I put everything I had into it and walked away with more purpose. What Renee is doing with these beautiful creatures is definitely a very healing experience. I now want to go back for the horseback riding experience. ♥” T.L.


“What a wonderful experience!"

"I've been home for a week and I can't stop thinking about all the things I learned from Renee and her horses. From the moment I arrived at the farm l felt the peacefulness of the setting and the positive connection of the horses. Reneé is great. She has a generous spirit and lots of wisdom to share. I know if I lived closer I would be visiting often. Reneé and her horses made the work I did feel easy. I'm so grateful I was able to do this. Thank you!!” GE

“Renee and her therapy horses are amazing!!”

Thousands of Clients - Amazing Results

96% Hopeful


"This was one of the most inspirational and wonderful experiences of
my life. Thank you!"

98% Encouraged


 "After my first equine session, I was able to look in the mirror and not hate myself. I can't explain the therapeutic results I get through equine therapy. I have never felt so at peace in my life.”   

97% Positive


 “This was the most releasing therapeutic exercise I've ever been able to be a part of. I feel like I'm leaving a part of my heart here on the farm and with these horses. Can't thank y'all enough!”    

88% Empowered


  “(This session) had a life changing impact on me. I am going to continue on and do equine therapy in my home town... It brought out someone I have missed and haven’t seen in a long time.” 

94% Developing Strengths


"I have been looking for peace and serenity my whole life. The horse showed me that I already have it on the inside. I am on the right path now, ready to start my new journey."

97% Helped


   “Prior to coming here I was in a very dark confused place, I am at peace now and more confident in my decisions about life. Thank you, I can live now.”